Yiwu Market was "notorious", what's the U.S. intentions

   On March 1th, the Office of the U.S. which is is located in Washington, Trade Representative (USTR) were re-shooting, issued a

report on the global fighting against piracy and counterfeiting pose a major challenge in more than 30 typical list of the

Internet and physical markets. In the physical market, "blacklist", Yiwu Small Commodity City(yiwu market) is in second place.


the ones who familiared with U.S. and Yiwu trade relations may be aware that trade of both are more prosperous in recent years.

Since 2004, the United States has always been the largest trading nation in Yiwu.

    Years of living in Yiwu, the U.S. Economic and Social Research Center, Cornell University researchers have described Mark

said: "Yiwu Small Commodity is too strong, and it has infiltrated into every aspect of my daily life, from towels to plastic mat

on the table are from Yiwu. "

    The place where he lived there are a lot of convenience stores. Sold in these places, the top five products, 80% of the

products from Yiwu. Currently, Americans like Yiwu small commodity, not value its low price, there are distinctive appearance.

    Mark also said the U.S. market position clear, different ethnic customer base, such as Caucasians, Asians, Blacks, and

consumers of different age groups have what they need in the market.

    Yiwu Small Commodity Market is coming to break down the boundaries defined in a number of original retail market positioning of

different colors into the market, consumers will purchase their favorite Yiwu.

    It is no exaggeration to say that Yiwu is decorated with the United States each family, including President Obama.


    Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR), many readers may don't know, but may know the U.S. "Special 301

Report." Is the initiator of the report of the Office.

    This year, the United States released the annual "Bad" Internet and the physical market, the time the list two months earlier

than usual, but will also publish the list of independent, not integrated into the end of April will be published in the "Special

301 Report".  Shows that the attention this year, the United States.

    From 2008 to 2010, the annual "Special 301 Report" accusations of Yiwu, in fact, turned from extreme ease, the content becomes

more objective from the subjective imaginary.

    As in 2008 "Special 301 Report", Yiwu has been accused of "infringing goods in overseas markets," By 2009, the United States

has not fully defined as a tort, Yiwu market, but only mentioned in Part III "Yiwu IPR protection and enforcement still need to

improve, especially in criminal law enforcement", 2010, the United States has the protection of intellectual property rights of

Yiwu expressed appreciation for the "Yiwu officials repeatedly contacts with U.S. government officials, industry Yiwu confirmed

law enforcement have improved. "

    Earlier this year published in "black list", the United States of Yiwu's attitude seems back to 2008, by the "industry" in the

mouth, accusing the Yiwu market, "many of the products are counterfeit and infringement to the world through the Yiwu wholesale

The, Yiwu has become a global center of the wholesale infringement of consumer goods. "

    "Piracy and counterfeiting are corrupting vital to the global competitiveness of innovation and creativity. The stigma is not

only damaged the U.S. market, workers and businesses, but also a threat to the entrepreneurs and industry around the world." U.S.

Trade Representative Ron · Kirk in the official website of the U.S. Trade Representative's office said in an article.


    U.S. Trade Representative's office is not justification for this accusation.

    Intellectual property protection, Yiwu goverment make a lot of effort. in Early 90s of last century, Yiwu municipal government's "big fight and prosperity, regulate more prosperous," "Who hit our market brand,we hit their jobs" and other slogans. Since then,

established a set of multi-sectoral fight against Yiwu, prevention, protection of intellectual property protection in one of the

three-dimensional system and the linkage mechanism of law enforcement and the establishment of China's first brand of trademark

data base was established to enhance the quality of training for business operators and schools.

    According to incomplete statistics, from July 2009 so far, Yiwu Customs seized more than 500 infringement cases, involving up

to 30 million of goods, seized infringing products, including the United States, Nike, Louis Vuitton of France, Italy, Armani so

many world-renowned foreign brands, intellectual property protection more than 20 countries benefit from nearly 200 rights.

    Currently, the Yiwu market, with 16 categories, 170 million single-items. The type of the infringing products seized, only

involve a small number of several, more the number of infringement can not be compared with the total amount of the Yiwu market.

    U.S. Trade Representative's office can be Yiwu Small Commodity Market as the source of some of infringing goods, but as a

"global wholesale center of infringing goods," is totally objective and fair.

    Currently, the U.S. has not completely out of the subprime mortgage crisis, the global economic landscape is undergoing subtle

changes. In this case, the United States needs to regain confidence is right, but do not ask indiscriminate prick around in order

to protect the global economic landscape in the Big Brother image to some problem. The "blacklist" can be said that the United

States to reflect the performance of the economy as a Big Brother image.

    Of course, this "blacklist" is not speical for yiwu marekt, but Yiwu market need to "Never hit a" words,after all

copy right violations have not disappeared.

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