Specialized Market

1.Jewelry Accessories Professional Street

Jewelry Accessories Professional Street is located in the front of western gate, specifically for jewelry decorations. Yiwu city has nearly 3000 jewelry production enterprises, more than 90% of businesses rely solely on market sales. And jewelry is a fashion industry, display is necessary, while jewelry trade sector in the International Trade Mart District occupy a large proportion, but it is still can't satisfy the needs of the development of the industry. Preliminary statistics show that Yiwu jewelry companies develop hundreds of new accessories every day.

The main categories are divided into: necklace, bracelet, earring, ring,bags accessories, brooches, hair bands, foot rings, chain.scarves buckle, belt buckle, buttons, tie clip, clips, all kinds of alloy, claw chain, copper, silver, acrylic, plastic, resin, glass, cloth, wood, stone, pearl, shell, leather, stones, gold jewelry, electronic products, etc. To open jewelry professional street is a good way to help suppliers to show their products. In 2002, Yiwu jewelry industry sales of 8 billion yuan, will become the Chinese largest jewelry production base; In 2003, sales reached more than 10 billion yuan, in 2004, sales reached 12 billion yuan. In 2002, and in recent years, Yiwu jewelry export proportion rapidly grow, exports more than 70% of the proportion of the total market share.

2.Auto Parts Professional Street

  Auto Parts Professional Street is located in the middle of GongRen North road and ChengZhong North Road, is divided into "auto supplies, auto parts, hardware tools, fast repair decoration areas, foreign trade business district, maintenance products" six big trade sector. Main scopes are: car decoration supplies, all kinds of car accessories, car electronics, car audio audio, VCD, DVD, TV system, anti-theft security products and equipment, beauty care products and related equipment, automotive communications systems, car telephone, GPS, electronic compass, automobile, environmental protection, energy saving products, and other projects.

  Professional development direction of the street: "Automotive supplies drive auto parts, auto parts enhance auto supplies". Professional street covers an area of about more than 50000 square meters, a total of 500 shops, enterprises from Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo, Jiangsu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taiwan, etc. And the Middle East and other foreign merchants have also moved into it. In professional street, features in each store, commodity full of your eyes, more than 20000 kinds of fittings of automobile products make people difficult to decide. Product covers more than 200 countries and regions throughout the world. At present domestic sale in Guangzhou, Beijing and other places, 50% of products from Yiwu.

3.Meihu Stock Professional Street

Mehu Stock Professional Street is located in Jiangdong MeiHu New Vilage, within 2 kilometers from the Yiwu BingWang Market, BingWang Bus Station, Jiangdong Bus Station, Yiwu Customs, 10km apart from the railway station, airport, traffic is very convenient. Mehu Stock Professional Street involves: ornaments, toys, daily necessities, gifts, scarves, clothing, socks, shoes and hats and so on.

Yiwu stock trade industry began in the 1990s to grow. But over the years, the industry lack of unified management, has been difficult to form a centripetal force and agglomeration effect. MeiHu geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, surrounding Yiwu three main markets, build inventory trade hub, and received universal concern in the industry.

4.Picture frames, Lighters, Razors, Glassware Products Specializing in the Street

Frame, lighters, razors, professional street is located in Zhao Zhai. Zhao Zhai village before 1999 is the edge of a dilapidated villages.The village area only 40 mu, narrow roads, rugged. Zhao Zhai preliminary finished the village renovation on 2001, residential area increased to 200 mu, five times in the past. Because Zhao Zhai has a lot of free house, and adjacent to the BingWang Bus Station,in 2002, 2003, successively introduced frame, lighters, razors, glassware products specializing street. Today, the street got many merchants and manufacturers' favor, products sold at home and abroad.

5.New Year Pictures, Calendars, Couplet Professional Street

  New Year pictures, calendars, couplet professional street is located in the Sunshine village, in the middle of International trade city and BingWang Bus Station, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient. Existing 15 streets, more than 400 stores. According to Yiwu cultural gift industry association statistics, every year nearly600 million market turnover, New Year couplet and other cultural gifts production accounted for 80% of the total amount of the national market, yiwu has become Asia's largest cultural gifts production and sales base. Due to the novel styles, wide variety, over the past few years, also attracted many merchants to come to purchase in bulk in southeast Asia, foreign trade good develop ed quite good. Say as long as where there are Chinese population, Yiwu market will have to sell out of the New Year couplet, calendar desk calendar.

6.Scarf Professional Street

Scarf Professional Street is located in Futian district 4, opposite the international trade city four. In Futian district 4 scarf professional street, pockmarked with scarves shop,we can feel it is a rising industry.Less than 1 km long scarf market has nearly 500 professional shop. Scarves here are fashionable, mostly professional design, attention to detail, with sequins, beads, embroidery, trinkets, and other fashion elements, is popular with all ages of consumers. Scarf industry is a rising industry in Yiwu in recent years. 90% of China's exports scarf is from Yiwu market, and the scarf sales to worldwide. At present, Yiwu market has become a high degree of internationalization of global scarf large market.


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