Order Management

 21 Century Columbus’s order management services are specially designed to help our customer to control their order in a better way. As a sourcing and exporting agent, independent third party, services provider, our team will help you monitor and control each step of the whole order process on your behalf, making the control of your order more efficient, and our customers can follow every step of orders according to our response.

1.    Order Placing

       After first product sourcing and factory visiting, our team will confirm all the detail of products after customers made the decision to place the order, including qty, price, quality, hangtags, packing request, payment terms, delivery time, customized logo etc, we will place the order to the factory, with all requested info on it.

2.    Oorder Following 

After placing the order, our team will follow the order step by step, from accessories/material/production line, especially time control, to insure the products finished in time.

3.    Order Modification

During the production time, once our customer request to do a little changes to the orders, we will follow our customer’s instructions and communicate with the suppliers quickly to solve the problems.

4.    Order communication

During the process of production, our team will inform every problems emerged to our customers, and provide solutions for our customers.

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