Sourcing Service

21 Century Columbus Int'l Trading Ltd,is a professional sourcing Agent in Yiwu,provides sourcing,suppliers/manufacture verification,quality inspection,tanslation and importing services.

1. Yiwu market advantages(Futian Market)

YiWuis the biggest small commodity city in the world,has millions of products mainly  in Futian market and HuangYuan market,which made us has unique advantages in sourcing all kinds of products.

2.Yiwu Professional Sourcing Agent

We have professional sourcing team,who has a lot of experiences in sourcing products.Our sourcing team can source by the samples/pictures(better with size/color etc details),usually we can send you quotation in 3 working days. After you confirmed,we can ask the factories to make samples and sent to you by courier.

3.Sourcing from Yiwu or China

According to different products and customer requests,we decide to source from Yiwu market(Futian Market) or facotries in china.China is huge,every province has its own featured products,such as Dachen in Yiwu is famous for shirts in the world,shengzhou in Ningbo is famous for Tie etc.

Lot of of factory resources enable  us the ablity to locate the right factories in china quickly.

4.Why need a sourcing Agent

We can save your time becuase we are much more familiar with the factories than you.

We can source different factories,to insure you get the lowest price you can get.

We can assure you the quality of products we sourced.


Above all,the whole sourcing progress is totally free!!!!


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