International Trade Mart District 1

 International Trade Mart 1(A, B, C, D, E)

On the first floor is mainly engaged in flower (Simulation flower), flower accessories, plush toys, plastic toys, electric toys and ordinary toys; Third floor mainly operating festive craft, decorative crafts, porcelain, crystal photo frame and accessories; Direct sale center for manufacturing enterprise, on the fourth floor at present is equipped with the Taiwan pavilion, South ceramic Town Dehua, Shenzhen original gift area, brings together the domestic highest level technology ceramics, crystal, glass etc. Handicraft production enterprises.

Yiwu small commodity wholesale market facilities are excellent, with central air-conditioning, large electronic information screen, broadcasting system, information consultation system, broadband network system, escalators, fire safety monitoring and control center; Abortion logistics unobstructed market, car can reach two, three, four floor. At the same time, integrated into the diversified and personalized service, opened restaurant, telecommunications services, atrium leisure, financial services, logistics, transportation and other services, beautiful environment, business atmosphere, full of vitality, is a collection of shopping, tourism.

Area A-Flower(1-600) Headdress (3001-3600) Decoration, Festival art (6001-6600)

Area B- Flower, plush toys (601-1200) Headdress (3601-4200) Decoration Crafts(6601-7200)

Area C- Plush Toys, Plastic Toys, Electric Toys (1201-1800), Headdress, Jewelry (4201-4800) Decoration Crafts (7201-7800)

Area D- Electric Toys, Ordinary Toys (1801-2400), Jewelry (4801-5400), Picture Frames, Travel Crafts, Porcelain, Crystal (7801-8400)

Area E-Ordinary Toys (2401-3000), Jewelry (5401-6000), Jewelry accessories, Picture Frames (8401-9000)

1st Floor2nd Floor3rd Floor

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