Factory Evaluation and Audit

 Factory audit can help the guest find problems before order confirmation and production. You will be accurate understand the factory's production capacity, quality management system, production process and so on. This will greatly help you to choose a quality assured and responsible factory.

Example how many factories, how many machines, how many production lines, they subcontract to others or not. This assessment will include the basic information of the factory, the production process, staff structure, equipment, production capacity, production process, production planning, product type, ratio of exports, export region, the main guests, raw material management, etc.

        •Usually, we will focus on the following aspects for review.

        •Production equipment, processing technology and labour force evaluation

        •Production quality control assessment

        •Quality certification system, etc. Various kinds of certificates

        •Special requirements by customers

Why do you need to conduct factory audit (FA)?

Perform factory audit is a low-cost and efficient way to get to know your supplier, if they are reliable, their production capacity and quality are meet your requirements, you give the orders to them.

What time for factory audit?

Before you place the order you can inspect the factory, they can finish the product order, ensure good quality or not. In addition pre-production audit to factory, the auditor visit factory, inspection and record do not interrupt your production plan.

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