Yiwu Small Commodity turnover of over 9 billion yuan

China Economic Net, reporting: April 2 hearing of Yiwu City of Industry Commercial Manager Dept., according to the latest data, the first quarter of this year,

turnover of Yiwu China Commodity City, 9.041 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2%. Compared with previous years, this figure reached

a record high.
The author on April 1 at the Yiwu International Trade City, a district interview that the market, many dealers are in the business

place outside the counting of goods, pack it up, too busy.

"We are the first flowers are selling well, mainly because of changes in the seasons we continue to introduce new models, these

new products very popular in Northeast China, Guangdong businessmen and outside South Korea, Japan, Iran and other places foreign

welcome. "B area on the second floor of the headwear business users to author the British side, said Jane.

"Almost every day we will launch new models of products, and popular welcome, especially girls, children wear the headdress,

relatively good sales." Also based on sales of hair-based market dealers said Zhu Cuifen, from now, they accounted for a larger

proportion of domestic sales of goods, and mainly go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shijiazhuang, Linyi, while exports are mainly in

Europe and America, Brazil. Different regions of the foreign demands for commodities are different, the quality of European and

American foreign commodities, style is demanding, but Middle East, Africa, the low foreign prices even more attention.

It is understood that the previous over-reliance on exports is different now Yiwu market is the many business operators, "both

domestic and foreign trade." A business user that the first two years of the international financial crisis has brought to the

Yiwu market, profound lessons, relying solely on foreign trade, reduce the risk of market crisis, the ability to resist, and

government organizations through the Yiwu market development activities, compared to Yiwu market has opened up horizons and

broaden the channels. Now, many business operators in the domestic trade orders have been accounted for five total number of

orders into, or even more, and South America, Africa and other emerging markets outside the export growth is also accelerating.

At the same time, this year, granted the State's foreign trade in the successful comprehensive reform pilot area of the

background, the Yiwu market, the momentum of rapid development of exports continued unabated. According to relevant statistics,

only 1-2 months of this year, in addition to more than 13,000 foreign-resident, there are more than 40,000 overseas merchants to

purchase commodity Yiwu, Yiwu city over the same period exports also increased self- about one percent.

During the interview the author, having just come from Turkey, foreign Atakan (Atta Gan) and spending time with his two Turkish

friends in Yiwu International Trade City, commercial spaces within the selection of hair products. He told the author, he came to

Yiwu has four or five years, mainly in the Yiwu market, Concurrent procurement of goods sold to Turkey, the amount of annual

purchases up to more than 200 TEUs. Now he and his friends every day to stroll the market, searching for the goods they purchase.

Gan said that Atta, the market for small commodities, Yiwu is very rich in species, but there are always new products appear, the

price is also very dominant, very suitable for foreign investors like him to purchase. So, soon after he went to Yiwu business to

introduce a number of Turkish friends to engage in trade of Yiwu

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