Yiwu market suppliers take care for the orders after the ear

 After the earthquake in Japan, and its materials are faced with the lack of a variety of situations. During this period, China's coastal areas have received more industry orders from Japan.
    Start of the rice trading company commissioned by the Japanese side of the first order in China is responsible for the quality of the control and procurement, start of the rice trade Jinxin boss told the "Daily News" reporter, does a lot of orders from Japan, but the Japanese side for the quality of stringent requirements and to control, many businesses receiving orders with caution. Jinxin frankly, in Yiwu city, Japan to the product order is not good to do.

Orders pour in

    "I have been busy these days." Yesterday (March 21), Jin Xin told the "Daily Economic News" interview. Busy with his mouth is full of procurement of various products to meet the surge in orders after the earthquake in Japan.

    Japanese food is urgently needed for a class of items. Bamboo plants, according to head of foreign Longyou item Zhiming introduced after a major earthquake in Japan, the company's sharp increase in orders, the customer drives are shipping in advance, at least one container per day of products to be sent to Japan. Scheduled for April delivery of bracken and boiled bamboo shoot, hit by food shortages, said Japanese customers, hoping to order early to be completed in March. The company is adding the rising stock, the original plan clearance all need to be adjusted.

    China's largest producing area in Zhejiang Ninghai Xi Dian township flashlight has not been idle, Japan earthquake caused the shortage situation flashlight, the flashlight manufacturers have most of the West Dian received urgent orders for Japanese businessmen.

    "Japanese customers need a lot of product categories, there are headlights, waterproof flashlight, aluminum flashlight, and other products, delivery time is to us the sooner the better, we had to work overtime production, to meet their relief needs." Ningboaisen Electric Co., Ltd., general manager of Sun Linping said. According to him, Japan has four clients in this temporary increase in a total of about 300,000 orders for flashlights, and hope to advance by the relevant goods.

    Tokai University professor Ye Qianrong also publicly said that the work gloves and a flashlight is Japan's most shortages, in addition to diesel generators and transformers.

    Recently, Ningbo Foreign Trade Bureau report noted that "Japan in the earthquake and tsunami damage and varying degrees of completely damaged houses has more than 100,000 buildings, after the earthquake, daily necessities, food supply will be more dependent on imports. At the same time , due to lack of electricity in Japan and the fear of nuclear radiation is increasing, batteries, candles, food, agricultural products, and radiation protection products, import demand will dramatically enlarge the short term. "

    But the avalanche of orders, obligations, some of the merchants has a different reaction.

Yiwu orders cautious businessman

    Jin Xin said, these days off, he ran several businesses in Yiwu, and stressed: "The order was driven, inspection requirement would be reduced." However, few businesses still do not come forward to take over the business. Jinxin frankly, in Yiwu city, Japan to the product order is not good to do.

    It is understood that Japanese demand for reasons, basically to the Chinese manufacturers do not place orders directly, but through a well-known local traders in Japan transferred to Shanghai, Shenzhen, traders, merchants and manufacturers from these docking, and control product quality. However, due to the asymmetry of information products, as well as many intermediate links, and other factors that could cause Yiwu merchants once the product quality control aspects of the lack of uniformity, the product not have much time to adjust the case to a single rate of return may be affected by high the case of corporate profits and reputation.

    Meanwhile, according to local media, and Japanese companies have dealt with some of the company, as the company demanding the Japanese and other reasons, for orders from Japan have a strong caution.

    For the purposes of export enterprises in coastal areas, while much-needed relief-related goods orders continue to emerge, but on the other hand, some companies have been adversely affected.

    As an important base for exports to Japan, Nantong in Japan after earthquake has been no small impact. Local reports indicate that, recently, Nantong, lost more than 20 large and medium sized clothing manufacturers at a significant reduction in orders.

    "Before the earthquake, we lost almost every day on clothing inspection, after the earthquake, the sudden drop in one or two batches a week." Nantong manager of a clothing company, said with resignation, "poor communication caused by the earthquake, some of our Japanese customers can not contact, had been shipped out of the arrival of the goods can not confirm the information in the message does not clear the circumstances, had to postpone the shipment plan. "

    Moreover, Japan is facing upward pressure logistics. It is understood that in recent days, the Japanese shipping line to receive an emergency cost subsidies, standards, prices vary according to different containers. Meanwhile, some carriers can not dock because of the tsunami earthquake in Japan terminals, resulting in different degrees of retention, which also caused delays in scheduled timetable, the cost of storage products rose sharply.

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