Yiwu Fair turnover reached a new record

Yiwu Fair reached a new high turnover record- 157 million

ource: Evening News Editor: Wei Pan

    Yesterday, the 17th China Yiwu International Commodities Fair was concluded successfully. these Data show

that this Fair is not only exhibitors reached a new high, also turnover is  an increase of 23.38%.

    It is understood by the current debt crisis in Europe and the Middle East conflict and other negative

factors, sluggish international market demand, global economic recession was evident. Consumer Goods Fair to

demonstrate the main point of view the exhibition from 5 days, domestic and foreign consumer goods manufacturers

and professional exhibition participants are enthusiastic buyers, market development, will seek business

opportunities in a strong, domestic and foreign markets to Japan consumer demand with no less rigid.

    In the fair there were 3050 exhibitors is from 36 countries (regions) , 6500 international standard booths,

an increase of 30%, the size of the exhibition record.

   in Five days exhibition, Yiwu Fair attracted a total of 208 countries (regions) of the 179,764 domestic and foreign

merchants participants, an increase of 33.76%, in which foreign businessmen 19,369 people, an increase of 9.9%,

to be among the top five foreign countries ( region) is South Korea, Taiwan, Iran, India, the United States.

    To achieve turnover of 15.752 billion yuan exhibition, an increase of 23.38%. Among them, the foreign trade

turnover of $ 1.486 billion, the total turnover by 60.2%, an increase of 28.13%.  the top five industries of

turnover is: hardware, electronic appliances, daily necessities, machinery, knitting and accessories.

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