Yiwu Bonded Warehouse: "new concept" expect for "breakt

Bonded Warehouse: "new concept" expect for "breakthrough"
- Concern "Yiwu trade reform pilot" a series of reports of Logistics articles
source from Yiwu News  
Recently, Yiwu bonded warehouse into four successive batches of wine, socks. Gong Bin, director of the bonded warehouse,

the bonded warehouse operators as of July 31, the total storage 72 batches of goods, total revenue is RMB119,269.34 yuan.

The bonded warehouse is a new concept In everyones minds, ." According to reports, the customs bonded warehouse is

approved by the establishment of special storage of bonded goods and other goods which have not gone through customs

clearance warehouse. Bonded warehousing of goods stored for a period of one year. Indeed justified, may be extended by

consent of the customs, except in special circumstances, the extension shall not exceed one year. Yiwu Xuefeng public

bonded warehouse is located in the International Logistics Center Road 7, B, Yiwu is the first public bonded warehouse,

on August 31, 2009 formally adopted the customs inspection, the same year put into operation on December 7.

According to the staff of Yiwu Customs , Yiwu cargo put into the public bonded warehouse goods, according to the customs

regulations of the storage period, allowed them to postpone temporarily the import tax-free import license or other

import authorizations. "In this way, companies can not only get the goods storage facilities, can also be stored on the

goods so to avoid causing the backlog of capital, reduce production costs."

This "free lunch", successfully engage in international trade in goods inventory storage, sales and transfer of the base

from outside Europe and America moved to China's domestic, to make Yiwu achieve "buy global, sell global" as a powerful

"booster" . Last year, the Yiwu shuaide Trade Co., Ltd.  ready to import duty-free equipment into a bonded warehouse. due

to the duty-free goods to Hong Kong, procedures have not yet completed it, stopped at the port to produce the expensive

cost of delay boxes, according to the normal import declaration but also prepayment of about 70 million yuan in taxes,

for goods stored in bonded warehouses, the customer first . Period, with the bonded warehouse functions continue to apply

for tax deferrals procedures, formalities to be completed, pay only bonded warehouse storage services offer, you can

extract the library. Bonded warehouse deferrals function for enterprises to win time, to solve the financial pressure.

Last year, Yiwu hongkai Import & Export Co., David Kay had three containers of imported wines into the bonded warehouse.

Tariffs on imported wines, value-added tax, consumption tax together accounted for nearly 44% of the value. At the end of

the wine sales, and businesses can focus on application to the customs declaration, that is to pay a certain margin in

the case, you can first extract the library of goods sold, then a centralized customs clearance, payment of taxes.

Concentration of bonded warehouse reporting functions for corporate sales in the season provides a convenient, the

deferrals function for enterprises to reduce the financial pressure.

According to reports, there is one more public bonded warehouse processing functions.In bonded warehouse goods can be

packaged, grading and classification, split, assembly and other simple processing; centralized reporting function. Goods

in the sales season or frequent the library period, companies can apply to the Customs, to pay a certain margin in the

case, the goods may be sold out of the library do centralized declaration. For enterprises in the season to shorten the

delivery time, enhance the timeliness of providing facilities; to help enterprises solve the problem within the export

string material.

"With the continuous progress of the pilot Yiwu, a public bonded warehouse should not just stay in the deferrals

function, there should be some breakthrough." Yiwu market, a business user, the public bonded warehouse should open up

more channels, active use of its advantages, Yiwu market dealers to promote its five main functions: bonded processing,

bonded logistics, trade in goods, trade in services, virtual ports, to allow more market dealers are fully aware of this

"new concept" the benefits.

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