2015 Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair Will Be Hold

2015 China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair (2011 Yiwu Fair) will be April 20 to 23 in Zhejiang Yiwu International Exhibition Centre.

    Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair was strate in 2006, has successfully held five sessions. After the cultivation of more than five years, China Yiwu Cultural Products Trade Fair has become well-known international cultural event, is currently the sports industry's only trade-oriented show. Fair this year will continue to "enhance the culture, growth of cultural industries" for exhibition purposes, to "create a culture of trading platform to promote cross cultural industry development," the theme for the exhibition, through the integration of cultural resources, cultural products together, to build communication platform for cooperation, efforts to speed up China's market-oriented cultural industry, in the various types of Fair Trade, internationalization and unique.

    2010 Yiwu Fair will be upgraded to a national level for the first time after the show was a complete success, the indicators show significant growth: the main exhibition hall exhibition area of 52,000 square meters, 2,371 international standard booths, an increase of 58.07%; attracted within the 25 provinces and Ukraine, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and other 16 countries and regions, 998 exhibitors, an increase of 46.12%; achieve shows turnover of 2.807 billion yuan, an increase of 51.8%, foreign trade turnover of 1.69 billion yuan , an increase of 55.05%, 60.2% of total turnover. Thriving exhibition site, the participating merchants to purchase a substantial increase, from 118 countries and regions, 83,915 visitors were participants, 23.03% percent from last year. Among them, the overseas merchants 5641, an increase of 20.82%; Online Fair for four days to reach 382,996 hits passengers, an increase of 96.45%.

    Yiwu Fair 2011 by the Ministry of Culture, hosted by the Government, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province Department of Culture, Association for the Promotion of cultural industries in Zhejiang Province, Yiwu People's Government contractors. Fair will clear the current "business exhibition, the Government Office will, operation of the market, focusing on trade," the general idea. A total of 3,000 international standard booths, a total of eight museum, the trading of cultural products, combining with the view. One layer of the establishment of five professional museum, highlighting the printing and packaging, style educational supplies, arts and crafts box art, cultural and creative products and toys, and top-five exhibits; the establishment of three two-story museum, namely China's non-heritage boutiques, antique shops and painting provincial and municipal halls, including non-heritage museum will be introduced to China (Zhejiang) Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo, a comprehensive display of Chinese traditional culture and non-material cultural heritage boutique.

    To make the exhibition more effective, more features, this Fair will organize high-level support activities: cultural enterprises new conference will be organized, cartoon animation derivatives business and manufacturing enterprises Yiwu Matchmaking Symposium, World Packaging Industry Summit, the whole Provincial Bureau of Cultural Affairs and other non-heritage training; the same time, the introduction of China (Zhejiang) Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo, set of non-heritage museum, the exhibition of cultural heritage to improve and ornamental; another Fair to enhance the current cultural atmosphere of creativity, Students will also host the first National Exhibition of creative achievements, over 300 booths, to build a national university students and their creative design talents to the results of the exhibition, promotion and trading platform, combined with intellectual property protection, to create "production, learning and research," one creative city of Yiwu City, the new card; for the 2011 Fair for rendering the cultural atmosphere, enhance the content of cultural city of Yiwu, held a "LUO Cup" National Poetry Competition, as of February 10, received a total of provinces ( City) 1462 one of the contributors, the participating manuscript 12185. Furthermore, to enhance the professional show, the current Arts and Crafts Fair of the proposed award, and cultural product innovation awards, trade show and exhibition Outstanding Organization Award award four prizes competitions.

    This Fair "market leads, government-driven" principle, continue to make full use of administrative resources, increase administrative promotion, based on the investment aspects of the breeze in the market for bold exploration. The breeze, the Association and Yiwu Cultural Products, Arts & Crafts Association, the Printing Industry Association, the Pen Association, the Toy Association, Christmas Goods Association and other cooperation agreements, integration of Yiwu trade associations within the scope of resources, strengthening domestic and international trade associations, carry out a comprehensive breeze; investment promotion, give full play to existing resources and through the agency, the overseas business organizations, trade associations and other means for investment, investment work and strive to achieve new breakthroughs. Feedback shows that to the Fair for 2011 will reach professional buyers at home and abroad with more than 80,000, of which more than 5,000 overseas visitors, more than 30 trade overseas; expected to achieve more than 3.8 billion trade volume, foreign trade turnover more than 60%.

    2011 Yiwu Fair will be held in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, is a strong attraction and affinity with the emerging commercial city, the exhibition cities. Yiwu has the largest small commodity wholesale market, the daily traffic of more than 20 million, more than 13,000 foreign-long stay. Over the years, nurtured in Yiwu City, Yiwu Fair, Fair, Fair, travel expo as the leading state-level show a large number of well-known event has accumulated 10 years of exhibition experience, and have first class facilities, functional The modern exhibition hall.

    Yiwu market will rely on the unique strengths and advantages of the developed cultural industries to international and professional exhibition next exciting level of dedication and presentation of cultural products trade event for the majority of cultural products, to build a leading domestic enterprises the bridge outside the market and build an investment, trade, exchange and cooperation platform.

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