Yiwu New Garment Market will be opend and business time unti

    Zhejiang Online News April 12 Huangyuan new garment market move should open at night, became the focus of discussion Yiwu folk.
Recently, the issue has been inconclusive.

April 9, Yiwu market, the industry adjust the layout of the Leading Group Office issued a circular to identify five areas of international trade city, Huangyuan clothing market in the April 18 trial operation, operating hours are: international trade in the five zones: 8:30 17:00; Huangyuan clothing market :7:30-20: 30.

Thus, the apparel market as Yiwu Huangyuan night to continue operating the first large-scale wholesale market.

In addition, notice that the business must be completed in April 16 bit renovation Business, April 17 to complete the work on display of goods, completion of the operation late in households, City Group will be based on "commercial-bit use agreement" and other terms and regulations.

The Binwang market, International Trade City Hall Third District of imported goods, raw materials, machinery market in the relocation industry business areas will be at 17:00 on April 16 vacated, April 17 from out of business.

Huangyuan market is open at night gave its talking about a lot of friends in the local discussions on the forum have also become a hot topic.

Supporters argue that the market will effectively ease the night market operating around the congestion pressure.

And the market is also conducive to night driving around the business district. "Huangyuan market in the city center, the public is very convenient to shopping. During the day at the wholesale, foreign trade, mainly in the evening to open up the retail market, unlimited potential, I believe that the formation of effective complementary day and night, a thriving scene."

Opponents believe that the market is Huangyuan wholesale market, not the retail stores, if opened at night to small businesses, it is difficult gathered popularity, and the seller would not choose to come to the wholesale shopping at night, "8:30 closing time is very awkward, the general retail peak night may begin at this time."

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